Todd Cooper

head coach


Todd Cooper is a Strategic Planning and Analysis Financier in the Oil, Gas, and Commodities Sector based in Dallas, TX. Todd spends his “free” time as a Small Business Entrepreneur, and Corporate Trainer while also volunteering within the Nike CyFair Elite Organization. A husband to Andrea Cooper and father to Micah Cooper, Todd initially started his coaching career in 1994 as a way to combat with the idle time of young adolescent males in the tough communities that raised him.

Education and Coaching experience and credentials

Coach Coop, as Todd is commonly referred to, has a vast and succinct educational history. With associate degrees in psychology, judicial law, and criminal justice he identified early on with the disciplines required to navigate the inner cities of southern living for an African American male desirous of a better way. However, he didn’t stop there! He obtained a Bachelors Degree in Finance with minors in Accounting and Kinesiology from the Dillard College of Business at Midwestern State University Wichita Falls, TX. He later went on to obtain Masters Degrees in Finance, Accounting, Project Management, and Information Systems from the Keller Graduate School of Business Chicago, Illinois. Coach Coop is a lifetime educator and lifetime coach not just X’s and O’s on the court but also in business and in life. He has an inherent spirit to teach, mold, train, and prepare young people and he succinctly enlisted the educational disciplines do so.

Coaching Experience and Notable Achievements (awards, honors, community and professional services).

Already victorious multiple times over on the National Stage with 3 National Championships in Soccer, and 4 in Basketball all at the academy and select levels. However, Coach Coop will be the first to tell you it is really about development of young people! The wins come if you develop the plan the right way, process the plan the right way, and execute the plan but the true measure of success is the holistic development of the young people from individuals expressing individually to teams succeeding collectively not in spite of but in light of!